125 Years of ZRG

From the world history perspective, 1880 was not considered to be a particularly exciting year:

In distant South America, the War of the Pacific raged, while Buenos Aires finally became the federal capital of Argentina; laws of mitigation marked the end of the Kulturkampf in Prussia; between mid-January and mid-March, Friedrich Engels wrote in French “The Development of Socialism from Utopia to Science”; in the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary political life is dominated by language disputes and nationality strifes, which led i.a. to the division of the University of Prague.

Not least, the first volumes of the Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte (ZRG) saw the light of day at Hermann Böhlau in Weimar, which was a significant event for legal historians.

"Zum Erscheinen von Band 125 der Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte" by Werner Ogris

"125 Bände ZRG" by Joachim Rückert

Die Erscheinungsjahre der ZRG