Introducing ZRG

The first predecessor of the Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte as we know it today was created and sponsored in 1815 by Friedrich Carl von Savigny and C. F. Eichhorn in the spirit of the German Historical School. The annual volumes have been published more or less continuously since 1861.

A closer association with the Savigny-Stiftung, whose name ZRG now bears - although the Foundation is not active anymore - allowed the familiar division into the Romanistische and Germanistische Abteilung in 1880. In 1911, a Kanonistische Abteilung was added. Today, ZRG represents an integral part of European legal history research. The article section, which tends to contain previously unpublished contributions on newly discovered source discoveries, new evaluations of already known findings, or comparative analysis play a decisive role in shaping the current state of the discipline. Whenever possible, the literature part extensively reports on new, relevant publications on the international media market. The sections Chronik and Mitteilungen complete the offering.

ZRG is published with contributions in numerous Western European languages with inserts in other languages. The indexes of the individual sections which are regularly published after 25 volumes facilitate the access to the topics with a subject index, a bibliography, and an index of persons, similar to the CD-ROM created by the publishing house on the occasion of the publication of the 125th volume (2008) with tables of contents of volumes 100-125 for all three sections.