Germanistische Abteilung

The division of ZRG into the Romanistische, Germanistische, and Kanonistische Abteilung (since 1910) is based on the differentiation of the legal-historical subjects at that time. This is no longer self-explanatory, and in particular, Germanistisch is often misunderstood. Today, the sections have the following profile: the Romanistische Abteilung is dedicated to the entire ancient history of law and the dogmatic broadcasts to the present day, the Kanonistische Abteilung is dedicated to the entire history of ecclesiastical law, and the Germanistische Abteilung is dedicated to the rest of entire European legal history since late antiquity to the present day.

Regular features of the Germanistische Abteilung are as follows: essays, guest contribution (from international research), miscellanea (as smaller research contributions), a detailed literature section, obituaries, reports and chronicles, as well as a compilation of English summaries of the essays and miscellanea at the end. The Germanistische Abteilung usually has 600–800 pages.