ZRG guidelines on creating manuscripts

General procedures: 

We ask for texts to be ready for print upon acceptance – that is complete in content, spelling, grammar and typography. The electronic document should be Microsoft Word formatted.
Any author accepts the author’s contract – which includes transfer of rights of commercial use to the editors for the year after appearance.

Please include:

- Your title, name and address as we may publish online
- contact details not to be published (optional)
- A note to the editor (optional)
- The short running title
- A short summary in English (3 sentences)
- Five English keywords

How to write the main text:

The ZRG is typed in Times New Roman. Please check that hyphens, up-dashes and quotation marks (1-2s., “ – ” or ‘-’), voids, blank lines and paragraphs are uniform and according to the rules (to Duden when writing in German). Old languages are in italics without marks, except for longer quotations which can form a straight paragraph. Please indicate to the editors if you use special fonts or pictures. “GR Times New Roman” is recommended for Ancient Greek. – The numbers of footnote references sit always before the punctuation, not behind.


Begin with a capital letter and end with a full-stop or quotation mark. Author names should be underlined. Book titles, articles or journals should not be highlighted (no quotation marks or italics). At each first mention of a title, give the long quotation and resolve abbreviations. Omit reference to serials in the footnotes. The place of publication may be omitted for easy-to-find titles. The date of publication is generally between commas, followed by the page number; apply p., §, fol./foll. etc. if helpful. This is not the case for journals, because the date of publication is in round brackets without commas and without “p.”: ZRG RA 135 (2018) 1ss., ZRG GA 135 (2018) 1ss., ZRG 135 KA 104 (2018) 1ss. – A repeated reference is always to refer precisely to the previous long quotation (fn. 1, ibid.). Avoid brackets within brackets, do not use spaced letters.


Not many abbreviations are common, e.g.: D. 1,1,1 pr., fn., vol., (ed.)/(eds.), fol./foll., cf., etc. Mind that your text should be easily understood.

Book reviews:

Please make sure that your book review introduces, in the head line, all bibliographical details, esp. the author and long title, the series title, edition, publisher, place of publication, date of publication, pages and ISBN.


There is no revision apart from preparatory redaction work. In some cases, you may be asked to control the typeset (essays and miscellanea).

Publishing dates

The submission dates for manuscripts are:
September 30th (for essays and miscellanea) and
October 31st (for recensions),
preceding the year of appearance.

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