Granting of rights

The role of the publisher is to distribute your content efficiently, and thus to maximise its visibility and use in the scientific debate. To ensure this, your contribution will be published not only in a printed form but also in all popular electronic formats. In this way, more than 70 partners receive XML data, PDFs and ePubs, which enables them to offer ZRG to the largest possible international readership: University libraries and research facilities, consortiums, and private persons.

In contrast to publications that are only distributed in a print format, the mere transfer of the manuscripts to editors is no longer sufficient to satisfy the conditions of the granting of rights. Digital usage rights must now be expressly granted.

The variants listed here for the granting of rights ensure that we can meet the requirements of copyright law and of our partners in full. This allows us to act quickly and comprehensively and respond immediately to new developments in the market without having to coordinate every time, which is time consuming.

Please note that you must grant the rights required for publication to the publishing house at the time of the acceptance of your contribution at the latest. Publisher and publishing house assume that you agree with the terms of each contract as soon as you submit a manuscript.

For articles and miscellanea

The following form must be filled out, signed and submitted to the editorial staff:
Granting of Rights_Contributions_ZRG.pdf

For contributions to the literature section:

By handing over the manuscript to the relevant editor or editorial staff, the contributor hereby agrees with the arrangements set out in the simplified Granting of Rights.