The Zeitschrift für Rechtsgeschichte (ZRG, also known as the Savigny Journal) represents an integral part of European legal history research, having made a significant contribution to the current state of the discipline.

The first predecessor of the ZRG as we know it today was created and sponsored in 1815 by Friedrich Carl von Savigny and C. F. Eichhorn in the spirit of the German Historical School.
A close association with the Savigny-Stiftung, whose name ZRG now bears, allowed for the familiar division into a Romanistische and Germanistische Abteilung in 1880.
In 1911, a Kanonistische Abteilung was added.

Each section publishes a new volume per year which includes an article and a literature section, each complemented by a Chronik and Mitteilungen section.

Since January 2013, ZRG has also been distributed in a digital form.